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The ME page. If you’re here, you most likely already know something about me. Either that, or you are up late randomly clicking links…

This site contains my ramblings, and occasional spraying about my latest adventures. Why Off-the-Couch? Mostly because I am a workaholic and spend far too many hours sitting in a desk chair typing on a keyboard (like I am now). I’m not the most gifted athlete- solid middle-of-the-pack of old fat guys, but I do have an innate ability to pull off some pretty awesome adventures with little to no training or preparation. This is not always the best way to go about things, but it suits my work schedule.

Having said all that, in the last year I have been attempting something akin to training. I have a semi-regular yoga routine that has greatly helped with my IT band syndrome, and I was able to ride my bike the day after even my biggest races. This was definitely not the case in 2011. But I still don’t think I’ve ever done an interval workout… For 2013, I’m going to try to *really* train and see where that gets me. I guess I should figure out what an interval training session is.

Herein you will find topics such as Mountain Biking (racing and random epic rides), food, travel, and my trademarked-patent-pending “People of Talent” series along with whatever else I find intriguing at the time.

Get inspired.

Get off the couch.

Have an adventure!


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. OK, I’m sitting on my bed now, but I’m feeling inspired. Maybe Trans Nepal for me next year. Looking forward to additional report. Congrats!

  2. Thanks for the info Eric. I did a one day race in Nepal in 2007. If I can be in shape I’d love to do this one. Are you going to do it next year?

  3. Hi Gene- registration for the 2013 Trans-Nepal is open- time to sign up! I will not be going for the second edition, but I am planning on the 2014 Yak Attack.

  4. Eric – I’m a 59 year old Cat5 back-of-the-pack guy. Trans Nepal would be the limit for me. I salute you for even considering the Yak. BTW, my friends and I are sponsoring a Nepali rider for the 2013 Yak Attack. We sponsored Padaam Sabang last year, but he had to ditch w/a mechanical. I’ll be following to see if you do it.

    1. That’s awesome you’re sponsoring a Nepali rider- good on you for that. Trans-Nepal is a great race- definitely sign up for it. Already securing plans for 2014- and watching all the progression with the 2013 race.

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