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Gettin' the Goods on Rawhide
Gettin’ the Goods on Rawhide

2014 is upon us already… Pedal Pushers Racing continues to grow and the team has some really, really fast riders and some great new sponsors. Our home shop is Pedal Pushers Cyclery out of Golden, CO. If you need a new bike, or some work on your current ride, check ’em out. You’ll see our team in a variety of local and national (and even international) races this year. Stop by and say hello. We may even have homemade waffles!

Rolling calendar of confirmed and tentative races.

Date Race
5/10/14 Desert Rats too blown from Yak Attack
5/25/14 Full Growler
6/14/14 Baily Hundo sick
6/21/14 Snowmass Enduro
7/12/14 Breck 100
7/25/14 Winterpark Enduro work
8/16/14 Pierre’s Hole 100 work
8/31/14 Park City Point to Point
9/06/14 Vapor Trail
10/11-10/13 Moab Rocks too poor
11/18-11/21 Rumble in the Jungle- Sri Lanka


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